WordPress Store Directory

The WordPress Store Directory (WPSD) module is a plug-in solution on the WordPress Content Management System to enable the listing of tenants for the retail shopping environment.

The Store Directory module is developed specifically for the WordPress Content Management System. The directory was created by a development team who has been working in the online retail industry for over 13 years and required an easy to use directory system for an ever changing and demanding industry requiring ‘on the fly’ changes for shop listings on retail websites.

Who would benefit from it?

This directory is great for key stakeholders in the retail management space such as – landlords, managing corporations, property owners, webmasters and marketing managers to list their tenant base or store directory online.

Store Directory

Top features

  • Alphabetical Store Directory
  • Shop Search
  • Randomised Tenant Logos
  • Category Manager
  • Complete Shop Listing
  • Built in Listing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Tenant Description
  • Tenant Image Gallery
  • Trading Hours
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Template

How would this plugin benefit me?

It will reduce time spent managing online store directories and is operational with very little knowledge or online expertise required.