Import / Export Shops

The WPSD platform allows you to easily import your current shop listings that you save in a spreadsheet or stores you downloaded from third-party platforms. Once you do this, you can display them on your website.

To import shops, you will need to make sure your reviews are structured in a spreadsheet according to the following guidelines:

Import Shops file specification

The Import Export feature tool accepts data in comma-separated values (CSV) file format. The first row of the template or data file contains column headings. Each subsequent row corresponds to a custom review that needs to be imported.

You can upload a maximum of 500 stores in one file. Download the template file here.

Please note duplicate entries will be created, ensure you upload only new entries.


Title, Description, Shop number, Telephone, Email, Website, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Shop Categories

  • Title: Shop Name
  • Description: Store Description
  • Shop Number: The stores location within mall i.e. U17A
  • Telephone: Stores Telephone Number
  • Email: Stores Email
  • Website: Stores Website Address
  • Meta Keywords: SEO tags. Keyword followed by a comma
  • Meta Description: SEO description for the store.
  • Store Category: The category the store falls under i.e. Fashion, Unisex. A category will be created for each name followed with a comma.

Required columns are Title. The other columns may be empty, but they must be comma-separated

You can always email us the file or contact Customer Support, and we can format and upload it for you at an additional charge. **WordPress login/access will be required.

Import the Shop Listings spreadsheet in WPSD

Once you have your shops spreadsheet structured as the guidelines above, you can go to your WordPress website and upload this file.

To do this, just follow the steps:

  1. Login into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘Shop’ option in the left-hand main navigation menu
  3. Click on ‘Import / Export tab in the sub navigation menu under ‘Shops’

  1. Click ‘Import’ and then browse the spreadsheet from your PC
  1. Once the Shops are selected, click ‘Import’

That’s it. Now the imported Shops will show in the ‘All Shops’ section and you can edit or remove from there.