• @ to Z shop listing which automatically lists tenants alphabetically. A view button to view full tenant profile.
  • Shop Search Functionality separate to that of the standard WordPress one. Lists shop/s and tenants only.
  • Category Manager - Add Categories for each store.
  • Shop List - Find stores by allocated Category.
  • Built in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows you to add Meta Descriptions and Keywords per tenant listing.
  • Tenant description field.
  • Add multiple images to a responsive image gallery per shop/tenant.
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Template.
  • Telephone numbers are dial-able on mobile phones or via Skype software.
  • Email and a Website URL links.
  • Add and easily update tenant categories.
  • Import and Export feature to an .csv document for shop data i.e Names, Descriptions, Shop No. etc * Please note shop images are not exported.
  • Annual Licensing Option * per domain.
  • Working WordPress Installation.
  • WordPress version 4x and above. Recommended v5.3.2 (current).
Click the button below to download the WPSD Product Manual in .pdf format:

The WordPress Store Directory has been tested on a multitude of websites and online environments to ensure all is current with website technologies. Should you require support for the module or require modifications to the module itself for your online environment. This is available at standard rates of R680.00 per hour (ex VAT).

As the Store Directory module grows, we will build, and support features the industry demands. If you have any suggestions let us know by clicking here

Some planned features:

Skyscraper banners / promotional area where you can allocate tenant adverts to the main directory or list pages. This will be a cookie-based advert and users can upload custom artwork and set a maximum number of clicks to tenant listings. the aim on this feature is for landlords to capitalize and promote their tenant base.